Sputnik Reverb update

The Sputnik is getting closer to launch into orbit. Features: Two reverb channels, with pitch and amplitude modulation.They will be possible to operate in mono or stereo mode. Also a super versatile lfo section with endless possibilities. Channel 1 can work as a reverb, delay or both 🙂 

The video below showcases a small sample of sounds this beast will be able to produce. 

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  1. Paul

    Really looking forwad to more updates and progress on this Sputnik reverb, sounds intriguing and extremely spacey.

  2. Brian Mc

    Quite an amazing pedal. I’m watching another demo on Youtube as I post this. It’s always great to see, and hear, nicely designed pedals that are well thought out and offer the user many options. It looks like a very intuitive layout to work with. Adding the two loops is brilliant. It gives the user endless options to create with. Great job. I look forward to see what you create in the future.

    1. side-effects

      Thanks Brian, I really appreciate it!
      I was a bit worried at first that the pedal may be a bit complicated to work with but it seems that the feedback is pretty good so far.
      Thanks again for your comment!

  3. brockstar

    Oh man a looper thrown in with sputnik would be killer!

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