Breathe new life into your pedals

Side Fx will hapilly mod and repair other pedals. Whether it’s clipping diode mods, tonestack mods, pedal rehousings, external footswitches for digital pedals, repairs for broken pedals or whatever you may imagine, it can probably be done. Send a message via the contact form below about the mod or repair you have in mind. NOTE: Customers from inside Greece can also contact me for work on amplifiers. Unfortunately I can’t take requests from customers abroad due to shipping costs and risk of damage during delivery.

Behringer eq700 rehousing and true bypass mod
Behringer Eq 700 rehousing
Dark terror fx loop mod
Orange Dark Terror fx loop mod
darkglass repair
Darkglass Microtubes repair
fender super 60 repair
Fender Super 60 repair and bias pot addition
Ibanez phaser
Vintage Phasetone true bypass, led and dc jack mods
Muff clean blend
Ehx Big Muff clean blend pot mod
muff mod
Little Big Muff clipping diodes and tonestack mods
ts9 mod
Ibanez Ts9 clipping diodes mod
Vintage crybaby repair and maintenance
Vintage Crybaby maintenance
Whammy repair
Digitech Whammy repair


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