Triple drive box. Think of the Mostro as a good old analog swiss army knife. No presets, no digital interfaces. Three switchable gain stages and a 3 band eq is all you need to take you from clean boost to rock crunch tones, to high gain dirt. Mode one is a low-medium gain overdrive. It has enough headroom to be used as a clean booster and with the 3 band eq you can use it as a simple but very effective equaliser. Add Bass and Mids to fatten up your clean sound, or cut the Bass and add Treble to turn it into a treble booster. Turn up the gain, crank the Mids and it plays like a tubescreamer. Mode two is a medium to high gain distortion stage. It’s tight and aggressive if you add Bass and scoop the Mids, it’s full and crunchy in the opposite settings. Mode three is a higher gain, bass boosted version of mode two that nails higher gain riff tones and fat lead sounds. All 3 modes are very responsive to your instrument’s volume control. The 3 band eq makes it work with various music styles and instrument-amp combinations as well as bass guitar. On the inside you’ll find a presence trimmer that you can adjust to taste. Features true bypass switching.

Voted among the best overdrive pedals of 2018 on Also one the best overdrives of 2017 on Intheblues channel.

Customer feedback: “Placed the Il Mostro on my pedalboard – what a beast of a pedal! Great Job, guys!” ” Would never give that pedal away. Love it for its warm sound and beautiful sounding EQs, and of course the quite flexible distortion, which has that rough touch I needed. ” “… killer-tone, very versatile. Excellent pedal, i love it… ” “This little beast is a very nice surprise! A versatile drive/crunch/gain pedal with 3 different modes to give you variations from nice clean boost, TS and OCD style crunch to dirty gain heaven. The EQ is fantastic, very sensitive, huge range of tones and shapes to dial in. It ‘s dynamic and responds well to the Volume of the guitar. Played with a Strat and a Tele, the results are very pleasing.”

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